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Welcome to our store

Welcome to our eshop. Since 2018, we have been bringing to your place the best spices, herbs, selected tea and dozens of choices of the highest quality food items.

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Preorder procedures

You can pre-order products that are not immediately available in our store in the following way:

  • First of all note the product codes as well as the quantity you want.
  • Call us at +302114097948 or send us an email at stating the product codes, the quantity you want and necessarily the shipping details of your order (name, address, post code, phone number).
  • After confirming the availability of the products to our suppliers, we will send you an email with the final cost of the products plus the shipping costs with the cooperating courier company.
  • If we have your consent to proceed with the order, we will send you a new email which will contain a payment order link. Follow this link which leads you to the secure payment environment of Viva where you can complete the payment of your products easily and quickly, either through your debit / credit card, by e-banking, with Viva Wallet (if available), by calling at the certified Viva payment call center and giving the unique code number that will be included in the email we sent you or finally going to the nearest Viva spot payment point at a store near you.
  • If you use e-banking, make sure you add to the total amount any transfer costs that are borne by you.
  • As soon as we are notified by Viva that the order has been paid, we will send your order.
  • All our shipments are made with the cooperating company ELTA Courier with an available tracking number of your parcel.
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