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Welcome to our eshop. Since 2018, we have been bringing to your place the best spices, herbs, selected tea and dozens of choices of the highest quality food items.

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Welcome to our website! Secret Herbs is a Greek family business that engages in the trade of spices, herbs, tea, honey, traditional food, cannabis, essential oils, etc. In our store you will find a wide variety of products selected one by one with us. At our e-shop and at our store we have a great variety of hundreds of quality products. Here are some of these. Navigate to the different categories of our e-shop or visit us in our store and discover...

  • Top-quality spices of all kinds from all over the world to make your food yours individually and uniquely delicious.
  • Dozens of herbs gathered from the mountains of Greece and Europe. Aromatic herbs, therapeutic herbs, herbs for cooking. Get to know their unique qualities and their various uses in your daily kitchen.
  • Top products of legal and approved pharmaceutical cannabis, such as CBD oils, proteins and cannabis foods.
  • Wonderful varieties of fine tea. Discover delicious flavors and aromas of selected black tea, green tea as well as aromatic fruity blends suitable for ice tea.
  • Superfoods and vegetable proteins to rejuvenate and strengthen your body and mind.
  • Pure honey from many parts of Greece in a wide variety of flavors from certified small producers. Try pure local thyme honey, heather honey, arbutus honey, orange honey, pine honey, honey with honeycomb and much more, all pure, without any impurities.
  • Items for your breakfast meal such as cereals, corn flakes without sugar, white muesli, chocolate muesli, high quality cocoa, peanut butter, almond butter and many other kinds.
  • Oils of high nutritional value such as black cumin oil, sesame oil, linseed oil, zucchini (pumpkin) oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, hemp butter.
  • A great variety of Greek traditional products of small producers such as handmade pasta, trahanas, rusks, sugar-free jams, spoon sweets, homemade sauces, balsamic vinegar, dried mushrooms, Red Safran from Kozani, Chios mastic in tears and powder, Greek stevia, Carob syrup.
  • Legumes of conventional cultivation and certified organic legumes such as beans, lentils, chick peas, fava, pop corn.
  • Selected products from international cuisine such as top hot chili sauces, authentic pulp of the hottest chilli Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion peppers, curry paste, rice vinegar, pure coconut oil.
  • Dried fruits, nuts and selected spirits and liquers.
  • Essential oils, aromatic oils, herbal cosmetics, raw materials and accessories to make your own natural cosmetics.
  • A wide variety of useful accessories necessary for your kitchen, such as grinders, salt shakers, mortars, teapots, mugs, cups of tea or coffee, paper and metal tea filters.

We are enthusiasts of fine and quality food products. Through extensive market research we insist on finding and finding the best Greek products for you from certified producers who still believe in the Greek tradition, the top quality, the use of pure raw materials and mainly without the use of chemical preservatives. The same we seek and have achieved for most of our international kitchen products. We believe that fewer chemicals equal better nutrition and better health for our body. We often renew our product range to offer you a wealth of choices in your diet. We urge you to visit our website and our blog frequently to discover our offers, our news, cooking recipes, ways to make natural cosmetics, nutrition tips, etc. We will be glad to meet you and see our products at aour store located in Argyroupolis, 77 Kyprou Avenue 16451. We seek an interactive relationship with our customers so do not hesitate to contact us for any issue or question you have about our products on the phone 2114097948, our email and our Facebook & Instagram page.

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