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Essential oils |

Essential oil Geranium 5ml | secretherbs.grAnalgesic, anticoagulant, antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, healing, haemostatic, tonic, insect repel..
Εssential oil Laurel Organic 5ml | secretherbs.grEnrich your shampoo with 10 drops of this oil to make your hair shiny and strong.Latin name: Lau..
Essential oil Dittany Organic 5ml | secretherbs.grHeal burns, wounds and bites of insects with an ointment of 15-30 drops of the essential oil in 50 m..
Winter Savory. Relieve arthritis and rheumatisms pains by diluting 10-20 drops of this oil in 50 ml. st. John's wort oil. Latin name: Sature..
Uses - applications.Fight the hemorrhoids by dissolving 25 drops of oil in 50ml of balsamic oil and often spreading to the affected area with a cotton..
Rich in anti-aging properties. Ideal for dry skin. It is also used as aphrodisiac and to fragrance home. Latin  Name: Rosa damascena.Pr..
Citronella essential oil Secret Herbs 10ml |
Spearmint essential oil Secret Herbs 10ml |
Rose essential oil 10ml..
Orange essential oil 10ml..
Lemon essential oil 10ml..
Citronella essential oil 10ml
Citronella essential oil Divinum 10ml|
Frankincense essential oil 10ml..
Tea tree essential oil 10ml...
Jasmin essential oil 10ml..
Sandalwood essential oil 10ml..
Cedar essential oil 10ml..
Lavender essential oil 10ml...
Clove essential oil 10ml..
Eucalyptus essential oil 10ml..
Mastic essential oil 10ml..
Pomegranate essential oil 10ml..
Mint essential oil 10ml...
Oregano essential oil 10ml...
Essential oils burner Flower...