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Organic Vegan Hemp Frumenty (Trahanas) 300g

5.67€ 4.87€ Ex Tax: 4.31€

Traditional Greek product made by hand, with organic hard wheat flour of the traditional ‘Lemnos’ variety, handmade hemp milk from organic Kannabio seeds and flour, and seasoning of organic Kannabio hemp buds.

A hearty product with a unique texture, full flavor and aroma offering all the richness of hemp nutrition.

Ingredients: Hemp seeds*, hemp buds*, traditional ‘Lemnos’ variety hard wheat*, hemp flour*, salt.

May contain traces of milk, egg.

The plant based milk is created at Modi (Volos) for Kannabio Hemp Cooperative. All flours are grown organically in Kokkina, Magnesia. The hemp flour comes from hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa L., THC<0.2%), Fedora 17 variety, 2019 harvest. Seeds are cold pressed and ground at the Green Farm (Krya Vrysi).

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