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Natural unrefined sea salt of Messolonghi Floros in mill 94gr


The natural unrefined Floros salt is a treasure of the Mesolonghi lagoon. The production period begins in March-April. The seawater is pumped into the saltwater preheaters, which means that they are well suited for the storage and isolation of seawater.

During spring and summer, the water is heated and slowly dries, and in certain density conditions it is transferred from one heater to the other. This removes insoluble materials and unnecessary salts produced as the sea dries. At the end of the summer, salt-saturated sea water is transported to the "alopigia" (or "pans" for the locals) where it is allowed to dry.

After collection, the salt will be washed with brine to maintain its physical and chemical characteristics. What will come out of the wash is pure, natural salt that preserves all its delicacy and some 88 trace elements, essential for health and harmonious for the body proportions.

In a glass mill with plastic head. The mill is set to two positions for finer or coarse grinding and is re-usable.

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