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Lemon Balm Organic 20gr



A highly aromatic herb, lemon balm is medicinal and is also used in beekeeping. Traditionally it is has long been favoured for its soothing, anti-convulsing and antibacterial properties. Furthermore, it eases indigestion, bloating and other gastrointestinal disorders of neurological nature. It is also used for antiperspirant purposes, and it is known to soothe migraines, herpes symptoms and sleeping disorders.


Relaxing, soothing and with a very pleasant lemon scent, lemon balm tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. Its leaves can also be used to season fish, poultry, salads, sauces, sweets and fruit salads. Lemon balm can also replace basil when making pesto.


To enjoy hot, add some lemon balm leaves in the filter found in the packaging and place it in a cup. Fill the cup with hot water (approximately 90°C) and then cover the cup and let the tea brew for at least 5-7’. Then remove the filter and enjoy your tea as it is or by adding a sweetener of your choice.

To enjoy cold, repeat the above steps by doubling the amount of tea leaves and adding ice cubes when the tea has finished brewing.


Organic lemon balm leaves


Craft 20g with filters

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